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​If you own property and there are trees on it, chances are, you will need to deal with the task of having the trees trimmed at some point in time.

There are many reasons why you may want to have your trees trimmed. Perhaps you have a pool and the trees are shedding leaves, pine needles or other debris into the pool.

Trimming a few branches from the trees or bushes causing the problem could help to alleviate the issue and help to keep your pool or property clean. You might also consider trimming your trees for looks.

​ If you are lucky enough to have a picturesque view from your favorite window in your home, the last thing you might to see when you look out the window is a big, old tree obstructing that view! Tree trimming is a must if you want that view to become unobstructed.

​You can trim the trees back in your yard can keep your favorite views in your home – viewable – for many years to come! 

    If you have a Lagerstroemia tree, or a “Crape Myrtle,” in your yard, trimming the branches back will keep the tree healthy and allow for a plentiful bloom the next season. When you take the time to keep abreast of the landscaping of your property, you are helping to maintain not just the beautification, but the livelihood of your trees, bushes or plants.

    Rose bushes are one of the most common examples of this trimming, or pruning, practice. It is not uncommon for a landscaper to be seen trimming back the branches of these beautiful bushes. Doing this helps to not only maintain the shape of the bush, but it ensures that the bush will continue to produce more buds the following season.

    The trees or bushes will also continue to grow healthier each season if you keep up with the practice. By maintaining the overall health of your trees, bushes or plants, you are also doing your part to safeguard your home from any issues that could arise, simply by taking an active role in the growing process. Each time you tend to the trees and other landscaping on your property, you will be able to inspect your trees for problems in and around them, and potentially save yourself a substantial amount of money in repairs down the road.
    Sometimes, however, trimming trees or bushes back is done more so out of necessity than it is done for aesthetics. If you have a tree that is planted very close to your home, for example, the branches of that tree can create a myriad of problems to the exterior of the home that a homeowner usually never considers and often never wants to think about. Branches can grow and become unruly and eventually disrupt the roof of your house, causing leaks, uplifted shingles or holes in the roof. This can become a costly expense that a homeowner must deal with, to maintain the highest value of the home.

    Tree branches might also rub against the siding or brick of the home leaving sap spores and, over time, cause mold to grow. This issue will cause the homeowner to have to call out a home cleaning service to wash down the exterior of the home with a mold-killing solvent. Of course, in the most extreme of cases, a tree could be infested with termites. A branch that is rubbing against the home in a case like this could provide the termites with a clear path from the tree to the home, and in turn, create an entirely different and extremely costly problem for the homeowner to have to deal with, that could go unnoticed for an extended period.
    In extreme cases, trimming trees may be necessary when they are adversely affecting utility lines. It is ALWAYS a good idea to hire a licensed professional with the experience, proper tools and the know-how to assist in situations like this, to prevent injury or even death. By taking the proper steps of trimming your trees, bushes and shrubs early each season and make it a habit, you are taking the right steps to maintain the longevity of your trees and ensure that they live long, healthy lives, while your yard stays beautiful for years to come.