Virginia Beach Tree Removal Services

Removing Unwanted Trees Daily

Tree and Branch Removal – Often times, especially after a hurricane, trees and branches will be covering the roads of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake to the point where the way through is pretty much blocked.

Trees need to be either pushed out of the way, cut up and grinded or dragged away. No tree company will start dragging the tree away. It just isn’t practical… Instead, it needs to be cut up in smaller pieces and removed to clear the path.

Our tree removal service is well equipped and experienced with post hurricane assistance and clean up. Every year as you hear the announcement about another storm coming our way, it’s better to prepare ahead of time.

Why not give us a call before something bad happens, rather than after. Thinking ahead is what will set you apart from everyone else. It is obvious that we are swamped with calls and booked for weeks ahead as soon as another hurricane makes it’s way through Virginia Beach.

    You might be sitting there asking yourself – “I thought a tree removal was pretty much the same thing as tree cutting.”
    Well, in a nutshell – no, it’s not. Tree cutting is when you cut the tree and leave behind the stump. A full tree removal involves the complete extraction of a tree, stumps and root included. (Think of it like a root can

    There are a variety of things to consider when you are trying to decide between what is a better solution for your tree problem – Do you cut down of a tree, or do you have a full tree extraction done? It can be difficult to figure out what is the best method for you.

    For starters, there is usually a higher cost involved with the complete extraction of a tree, rather than that of simply cutting down a dead, infected, or inconveniently located tree and that can be a major deterrent for some people. This is often times why you see homes with stumps sticking out of their property. The homeowner of that property usually falls into one of two categories: they either decided to cut down just the tree because it was quicker and simpler, or they cannot justify the cost of the process of a full tree extraction. I am sure that in the case of the second scenario, if it were a flat rate price to either cut down a tree or do a full extraction, most would choose the latter. Simply put, a property more often than not will benefit from a complete tree extraction for many reasons.
    The first consideration is the overall value of the homeowner’s property. Everyone wants their home to maintain its highest resale value. For example, say you have a homeowner who has several trees on the property and they would like to cut them down, to take advantage of their full lot. If they choose to simply cut the trees down, the stumps that are left sticking out of the ground will leave an unsightly view. However, if the homeowner makes the decision to extract all the trees, the property will appear larger, well maintained, and most importantly – cared for. This factor, alone, will help to increase the value of that property if that property owner ever decided to sell their home. If given the choice, would you want to purchase a home that is well-maintained or one that looks aged and neglected?
    One of the most common situations when you see trees being completely extracted is when someone is building on a piece of land. If trees were simply just ‘cut down’ with no root or stump extraction of any kind, it might be a little difficult to put a new property’s foundation down when the roots and stumps of those old trees are still in the way. Tree extractions allow for the entire tree to be removed from the soil, so that landscapers and builders can start with a clean slate. Sometimes, even an existing property will extract entire trees from a property so that new landscaping ideas can be created, and therefore, giving the property a new or updated look.
    There are times, however, when removing a tree isn’t just for looks. Sometimes the roots of a tree cause damage and the only way to work around the problem is to extract the entire tree. When you have property damage, sometimes you will find that contractors will recommend the extraction of the trees in the problem area, to prevent the problem from reoccurring. The last thing a homeowner would want to hear after paying for an expensive repair would be to hear 5 to 10 years after repairs to their home or driveway were completed, was that the problem was back – and that it could have been prevented – if only a tree were extracted. How frustrating!
    Occasionally, you may also find it to be necessary to extract a tree in its entirety because the tree could be infected or diseased. When you discover a problem like this, many times it is better to extract a tree in order to keep the tree from infecting other trees and plant life all around it. If you don’t extract the tree and only cut it to a stump, the infection can still spread to the remaining landscaping and cause you even more money down the road for the replacement of your other plants and shrubbery.
    It’s always important to remember that take into consideration the reasons for the extraction of a tree versus that of simply cutting a tree down, and weigh its costs against what costs could be lurking down the road if you choose to take the easier, less expensive route.