Virginia Beach Tree Cutting

Best Tree Cutting Services in VA Beach

Every tree service in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake offers a tree cutting service, but not everyone one of them cares for their customers like we do.

Trees add an ambiance to a property like no other plant or shrub can. Maybe a tree once stood as a foundation for a family treehouse or had a tire swing attached to it, where it could witness all the children and grandchildren grow up beneath it.

Or perhaps it stands on the outskirts of a famed battlefield, where it took a few stray bullets and witnessed history. Some trees have stood for lifetimes and can tell a story as old as their trunk, if only they could speak.

Other trees add a level of character, each having their own shape and size. So why would someone want to cut down a tree? I’m sure that most would not cut down a tree “just because.”

​More than likely, there would be a reason for it to be cut down. As I think about this question, many of those reasons begin to come to mind. Tree cutting service our company provides is one that we feel is extremely important to the community.

    One of the most classic reasons someone would cut down a tree is to bring it into their home and decorate it! Yes – Evergreens, Pines, Spruces and Douglas Firs are the most widely known trees of choice (outside of the famed “Charlie Brown Tree”) that people choose to use as their family Christmas tree. Folks across the world, who celebrate the season, typically head out to tree farms, or even venture out on family outing, in search of finding the perfect tree to adorn with family ornaments, light their season with cheer, and safeguard the family gifts until Christmas morning. But not all trees get to be cut down for such a festive reason.
    Some trees are cut down as a means of livelihood. Many tree farmers make their living by growing, tending to and selling acres of tree lots. Most cases, these farms are a family business that has been passed down for generations. The trees and products that are grown are often sold off for the purchase of new land and more tree sprouts. The trees that are sold are cut down for sale of the wood. This wood is then used for a variety of reasons, such as building supplies and firewood, for heat.
    Sometimes trees are just cut down for aesthetics. Perhaps you buy a small lot of land and its covered with trees. If you are not a big fan of shading, you may choose to cut down some of the trees to leave your lot more open and sparse. It also could be because the tree (or trees) are in an inconvenient location. Maybe a tree obstructs your favorite view outside your window at your breakfast table or a tree blocks a picture window, allowing no sun to shine into a certain room in your house. Trees are meant to add beauty to your property, not distract from all things that you love and enjoy. Sometimes, it is just as important to consider the location of where you intend to plant a tree and make sure it’s in a good spot before you submerse the roots into the ground.
    Sadly, not all trees are cut down for useful reasons. At times, trees need to be cut down and the wood is rendered ‘unusable.’ Typically, this occurs when the tree has been infected with a fungus. When a tree is planted in soil that is infected or when water enters the tree and it slowly works through the entire tree, a fungus can grow. Moist, dark environments are the most conducive place for a fungus to thrive. When the wood of a tree gets a fungus, the wood is no good for very much, if any, uses. Another time a tree’s wood is rendered unusable is when it is infested with termites and the wood has been eaten through, leaving the tree in a flimsy and weak state. This problem can occur without warning and when it does, it becomes a hazard for all other plants, life and property around it. Should a termite infected tree fall on someone or something, weak or not, it will cause damage and harm to all it falls on, simply because of its size. In both situations, when a tree has been affected like this, there isn’t anything that can be done to repair it. The only choice that is left is to cut it down before it causes damage to anything else.