Virginia Beach Stump Removal

Why Remove a Stump

Stump removal is more important than most of us think, especially in Virginia Beach with all the regulations.

Just because you cut down a tree, the problem isn’t necessarily gone.

​The first thing that should be considered is that when you leave a stump on your property, that tree is basically still ‘alive.’ The roots continue to pull nutrients and water from the soil and feed the tree with what it pulls in. When this happens, you will begin to see the stump start sprouting new leaves and shoots, in its attempt to re-grow itself.

As the tree’s roots continue to pull nutrients, those roots begin to branch further out and continue to grow. If the original tree was planted near a home, those roots could begin to wreak havoc on a home’s foundation.

A stump, depending on where it’s located, can be a real eyesore especially if it’s sitting in a prominent place on a property, for example, a front yard. It should also be noted that if you have children, this can be a tripping hazard while they play outdoors. Then there is always yardwork to consider. Stump removal services our company provides will clear up your yard and will make it look gorgeous again.

    Have you ever tried to cut grass around a large stump in your yard? They are cumbersome to cut around and nearly impossible to drive over. Not to mention the fact that even attempting such a thing can ruin your lawn equipment! Unless you own stock in a lawncare company, I don’t recommend you try it.

    Another good point to consider is that sometimes when a tree is infected with disease, it often will not grow, but will begin to decay over a long span of time. Sounds great, right? There is no problem to deal with. Well, not exactly. The tree as it sits there and decays is attracting bugs, rodents and wood eating insects to it, where they will ‘set up shop’ and make it their new home. What makes matters worse is that if this stump is located close to your home or any building, it can make those rodents and insects travel through the roots and ultimately end up in your home, therefore, creating MORE costly problems for you. Bearing all this in mind, unless your intention is for that tree to continue to grow or rot away on your property and allow it to create more headaches for you, you should decide what method you will go to remove that ugly stump! It can be taken care of in a few different ways.
    Hiring a tree service is probably the safest and quickest method around to remove a stump from your property. They have the right equipment needed to swiftly remove the stump, leaving no down time and no cleanup. The company will bring a heavy-duty stump grinder to your property and grind the stump down to basically sawdust. When the job is complete, they will rake the sawdust into a nice neat pile, where the stump once stood, and leave your yard in better condition than the way they found it. When they grind down stumps, the process breaks away the roots that are connected to the stump in the soil, and essentially kills off the roots in the ground, because now they have no connected nutrient source. If you request for them to physically dig out and remove the roots, it can also be done for an additional cost.
    Some folks, unfortunately, do not have the cashflow to be able to afford such a service and must rely on alternate methods to remove stumps. These other methods are usually time consuming, and often, require hard manual labor. Without the proper tools, the job could take much longer and make the job that much more difficult for the person doing the work. It’s always best to do your research on the proper ways to remove a tree stump BEFORE you get yourself elbows deep into a project that you can’t finish alone. It is important that you make sure you have the right tools for the job to make that process as easy on yourself as you possibly can. And remember, stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water as you perform hard labor will keep your mind sharp, and minimize errors and accidents.
    You may hear stories of people choosing to go the route of using homemade chemical solvents and pouring them into holes in the stump. This process can take some time for it work, and if you are not the patient type, it may not be for you. Another good point to consider is that if you have small pets or animals that freely roam in your yard, you might reconsider this method, in efforts to keep them safe from harm. Just the way you would take proper precautions when you hire an exterminator to work around your home, you need to be smart about using harsh chemicals in open spaces, to protect yourself, your family and your pets.