How Much Does Virginia Beach Tree Removal Cost

Removing a tree requires quite a bit more work than people usually think. Just ask the people that have tried to do the work themselves. You could certainly ask me that question, and my overwhelming short response would be do not try this at home. I think that is clear enough, so instead you should be finding the best local tree removal company to help you out. Just how much is that tree removal going to cost you?

People don’t want to be inconvenienced and have to pay for tree removal. That is understandable, but it can certainly be part of being a homeowner. Trees can need to be removed for various reasons, and costs can of course vary. There are different size trees for one thing, and then you have other factors that come into play. You want to know what the company is going to do about the stump for sure. You can find more information on our tree removal page.

Did you know that the stump removal can actually be an extra cost? That’s right, and so definitely keep that in mind. Now, as for the tree removal itself, on average it can cost as much as 1500 dollars. Relax because that is on the high end. On the low end, the cost can be only 150 dollars. Hey, that is expensive enough, and you do have to understand that’s for a smaller tree, not a tall oak tree. 

​In all seriousness, you can get an even better estimate by looking at the averages and also just thinking about where your tree falls on that spectrum. If you have a larger tree, you know it is going to be on the higher end of that estimate. Of course, the best way to get an estimate is to call a local tree service company. There is certainly nothing wrong with looking around first and getting an idea though.

As you do, it is important as mentioned to consider what you want done when it comes to the tree stump. Stump grinding is what is common, and stump removal in general can cost as much as 350 dollars. On the cheap end, it can run you about 60 dollars. It would be nice if you received a quote on the lower end, but just remember again that is has a lot to do with the size of a tree.

When you do get an estimate for the cost of removing that tree, just remember that you are going to need to have the complete picture. Get the estimate in writing, and know what processes are going to be involved. Ask them about cleanup, and see if you are charged extra for any of those related services. Once you have seen what the costs are going to be, you can let the tree removal company do its thing. Ask them while they are there if they notice any other trees on your property that might need some attention. You want to keep the trees in good shape so that they look nice and don’t cause any damage.